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Cotton Court Hotel offers six ADA rooms, including two with roll-in showers and 15 hearing-impaired rooms. In addition, our junior and presidential suites can connect to our ADA rooms to become ADA suites. Each room offers support bars around the toilet and shower with lower removable shower head wands. Our roll-in showers are larger and wheelchair accessible, and bathrooms feature wheelchair-accessible toilets, lowered counters, and support bars. Our hearing-impaired rooms have a doorbell with flashing lights. We also offer brail on all hotel signage, flashing lights, and fire alarms.
AccessibilityHotel Accessibility

Features & Amenities

  • Wheelchair accessibility throughout the property
  • Pool lift in the swimming pool
  • ADA compliance throughout property per code
  • Flashing lights throughout the property and sound alarms
  • The front desk has an accessible section for guests as well
  • Accessible guestrooms with ADA bathrooms
  • Hearing-impaired guestrooms
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Cotton Court Hotel

Date: 1/5/2023
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